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About Bentley Labs (GB)

Bentley Laboratories are a small family run business, but with the experience to face up to any of the major ‘players’.

Trading under this name since 2002, our combined experience spans for more than half a century, achieving scientific excellence and at the same time honing our knowledge of Natural Skin and Body care; revolutionising the approach, method and ingredients used in this industry.

We pride ourselves on sticking to our mission of formulating and making only the purest, simplest, most effective preparations, with great care and attention detail.

Unlike other cosmetics, our balms do not contain the usual chemical ingredients, but simply natural plant derived ingredients and organically grown (and edible) ingredients, making our products gentler and more caring for your skin.

Our products contain no animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.

We believe that there are no other formulations as good as ours.


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